Zorica Avramović

Owner / Designer

Who are we: #Tizeri and #Tizerke? I started the whole story, because it was one of the main, long time dreams (make your dreams come true). My goal except fulfilling my dream was to provide ideal solutions to all people that are in the similar flow. If you ask me in which flow, I would say, desire to clearly stand behind everything they are, without shame or care about prejudices of any kind. Together, Xenia and I started to work on this idea, and with the time we collected a team of really talented young people who found themselves in our initially small story. That’s how TEEZ started! I would like to point out that Teez is not a provocation, Teez is freedom of expression in a provocative sense, and its provoking only those who try to limit our freedom of expression. Look what they said, and why they are here! Maybe you find yourself … and we, we are waiting for you!

Ksenija Srbljanin

Graphic Designer / General Manager

For me, Teez is a kind of alter ego. This brand talks so much for me and me for him … yes, we can present ourselves to the world together. What is Teez than, you’re wondering? it’s not a brand, it’s not another printed t-shirt, another print in the series … it’s a story, a story about the most coveted fantasies, a story of desires, needs, a story about all of us individually! If will stop explaining now. I’ll dress Teez, so you can lock yourself, and tell me am I right?

Snežana Avramović

Sales Manager

Teez totally shizzzz … I have jumped in this team, looking from the side of what the first two Teez girls where doing. It was so inspiring for me … everything that this brand is representing, and a great wish that you all enjoy and find yourself in these small illustrated stories. Because of the desire for the success, energy, hard work, team work and lots of positive vibe I am here. It is a pleasure to be a part of the story … Because We are all for #SUGARFREE

Nikola Novaković

Sales Manager

For me TEEZ is more than a brand. It a mix of good design, cool story. Its a clear idea that goes through the print. With this brand your self-confidence is booming 😀 My favorite print in our illustration is…I MEAN YOU CAN GUESS  ‘ČKOLIZ! Why? It’s all about GOOD taste 😉

Miloš Mikuljanac

Sales Manager

For me, Teez is a combination of urban and edgy underground style. In my opinion, if you wanna wear TEEZ you should have balls! Teez team represents an urban society, with the goal of showing their attitude and opinion more directly. If you want to stand out from the masses, moving through the city in something that is very comfortable and edgy enough, then join the Teezers!

Marija Nikolić

Official Model / Bloger

Tz Teez for me represents freedom of expression. Painting out of the line, crossing borders. You know, it has that rock’n’roll inside, some special essence . Teez is everything that a girl needs. To speak for here, To show the world that this girl has the balls to do whatever’s goes on her mind. Without fear and prejudice. That’s TEEZ to me. And that’s me

Sanja Rajković

Official Photographer

What does Teez represent for me? For me as a photographer, Teez is an avant-garde look that everyone can bring in in their own way. A simple cut , ready to wear in every occasion. The combination of black and white, that’s  TEEZ! Directly, sincerely … your choosing your side. I live  Teez and I enjoy it. If you ask me for my favorite print? Definitely “Restart” because I often have a ‘’bug’’ in my system.