Virgos are processing an offer, and analyzing a new person. As always it will develop exactly in the way you think it will, and that will stroke your vanity.

Since vanity is closely knitted with sexuality for you, then you will be very interested in action in that area. The person in question, who is relatively new in your life (you have known them for a while but its only happening now) will be pushy as needed to make you into someone who, for the first time, puts sex on the top of their priority list.

Female Vigro, somehow you cant find a complete relationship. Neptune is indeed merciless while in your seventh field. We suggest you take a camera, the one on your cellphone will do, and go taking photos of lovey-dovey couples, or those who seem like it. In that way you will express the planets energy into something that is her visual aspect… Chiron is in your constellation, and that could mean that what you are imagining with someone is what they are doing with someone else. After a week of analyzing you will come to realize that they do  not deserve you, and the asteroid Karma will do its thing and while you are passing by a school yard, you will run into someone you recently met in the bus. This “chance” encounter will visibly leave both you happy.

Male Vigro you will love many, and you will love them for long. But now is the moment for short-term encounters, without particular intros. All of that is actually a good intro for a long-term relationship that will happen around New Year, (first decade, second and third during 2018.) Your brothers work colleague, your aunts neighbors sister, and similar contacts are good grounds for flaming encounters. From these adventures you will learn to recognize similar signals in situations to come, and not only to enjoy, while perverse enjoyment will be a part of your day.

Key Date 22.11. after 19h
Teeze recommended poses: Oral