Those in the sign of Taurus will be stricken by sudden changes of emotions, love, sex and community.

You will no longer be bumping into your partner in front of the fridge, but instead you will be spending your time in long walks, maybe the pool or a playground, determined to be in perfect shape by New Years. Asteroids Eros and Cupid are in your eight field, promising sparks that could develop into a permanent flame.

Female Taurus, its time to take back your slightly subdued female energy and put it in the spotlight. Boring November rains, will bring you, finally a charismatic partner, capable, potent with a precise idea of what he wants from you, and how he sees you in five years. So, you can say this is a rare opportunity for a meeting with a exclusive partner and our advice is to use all your mental and manual capacities, and use the most of the situation. Be committed during the night and unavailable during the day, this combination will win you the love lottery.

Male Taurus you are going to meet a fabulous woman with a Scorpio attitude and the looks to match. You wont be able to think about anything else, it will  be a pain to concentrate to study, drive or work. You’ll be feeling 16 again, and it will remain so until the end of this period. By the beginning of the next month this situation will begin to unnerve you, so you will, with a newfound speed, ask miss Scorpio what is her perception of you and what will be the course of your relationship. At first you will be left without an answer, but soon you will be loved in a way that you have always dreamed of.

Key day: 29.11. in the early morning hours
teez recommended poses: Handmade