Scorpios are looking at an inasne month that they wont be able to remember let alone tell or anaylse. The sitation in which next to your Sun (third decade) are ateroid Karma, Venus and Jupiter, invoke an expansion of your influence on all four sides of the world, charmingly as if you were a Libra, persistenly as if you were a Taurus, and intellectually as if you were a Sagittarius. Take what is karmically yours, particularly the wildest nights of your life that you will be sharing with partners from the media world, with flashing lights and envious looks directed at your highness.

Female Scorpio, there are nights when you don’t know where to go first, what address is best to visit with your personal rocket. Also there are days when you just want to sleep and stay in bed, but oh you wont have that. This is a time of personality expansion, so you have to work a lot on your spiritual being, as well as business horizons, as well as meeting several potential partners, that all seem great to you. Particularlu with the asteroid Amor in Capricorn, next to your ruler Pluto. Thers a big chance that you find yourself in the hall, running down the stairs, lacking underwear, since you didn’t have time to put them on. Teez advice-bring additional panties, its November after all.

Male Scorpio, is it destiny or self-delusion, you should leave similar dilemmas for another time in which you will have the opportunity to question yourself. Now is the moment for life. Venus, the ruler of love, is in your sign, meaning there’s no more opportunity to be vague. One of your October adventures will demand that you have a clear stance on your relationship. The interesting bit is that in the mean time your heart belonged to a woman that was taken and you have asked her to decide, much in the same way. In all of that mess that will happen, the highlight is your potency that is still at its peak. What will happen, we will find out after 20.12. Be brave!

Key day: 18./19.11. all night

TeeZ recommended pose: Oral