Sagittarius is cranky, and not feeling up to anything, Saturn is giving his last blows on your lifeline, meaning just hold on a bit longer… Cupid is still in your constellation, and it’s a almost certain sign that you will regardless of the whole atmosphere, emerge from this critical time head over heals. Sex will both happen and wont happen, your luck will amplify on that field around New Years, but Cupid will most certainly hit you with his arrow, in case that hasn’t happened already.

Female Sagittarius you have been looking at a handsome, dark-haired doctor that you saw during your last visit to the hospital. Now you are thinking of ways to see him again outside the hospital circle, but to no avail. Its necessary that you engage your adventurous spirit, and that during the night while he is on duty, you appear in the building. What you will say on this occasion is less important, what is important is how you will look-and you should look like you are ready for anything. The result will be more than satisfying, you will get your point, and more importantly you will have a friend who is always fascinated with your courage and spirit. Go for it!

Male Sagittarius, things are looking up every day in every aspect. If you haven’t gotten yourself into a long term relationship already, something will occur soon that could inspire you to take that step with a on-off partner that has been sexually present in your life in the past few years. You will admit to yourself that its not someone new who has you satisfied in bed, but its in fact the woman in question, while at the same time noticing that she seems to always be around whenever you need her. Hmm, is it time to give her more influence in your micro cosmos? The question is now, and the answer is at the end of December.

Key day  : 24. 11. After 18h

TeeZ  recommended pose :  laterally