Dear Pisces this is a time of romantic dinners and intensive nights that you will be spending gladly only to go to work lacking sleep… There are reasons to be happy since the asteroid Amor is in  your eleventh field, Eros and Cupid in tenth, meaning that it all sounds pretty good. Your golden ticket are your friends in positions of power, and one of them will soon show that their inclinations towards you are more than friendly. And it will be someone who you have been dreaming about but wouldn’t admit it to anyone J

Female Pisces, your image always includes hats, scarfs, sometimes gloves and even a mouthpiece, where through a cloud of some, with teared stained eyes, you are charming the victim for this night. Your old tactic will work well with your friends brother, with whom you are hanging out by chance. You will be in disbelief, he will find a chance to have you two in private, and to go for it! You are not allowed to run, you wont be having a second chance soon, so see what is more important…

Male Pisces, lets not be lazy, as you have promised since the beginning of October? So take the  matter in your own hands and find out what you want regarding that cute new colleague, who is a specialist for web and social networks. You have a topic-facebook, twitter and new platforms that you don’t know much about, with the occasional touch on the hair or shoulder, an accidental one, of course. Pretend to be listening to what she is saying.

Be very passe in your behavior and active in your conversations, and victory shall be yours, after the second date. And if you really like her, from 19.12. there’s opportunity to develop this into a real winter love affair.

Key day: 27.11. after 19h
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