Libras are at the end of their nerves, particularly those in the third decade. But its comforting, there are those who are having it worse- Aries, Sagittarius. Jokes aside, why are you sad over something that had no future? Your financial aspect is blossoming, which means a fancy winter holyday trip where you could easily fall in love around New Years eve, and its gonna be head over heels. What do to in the meantime?

Practice your mood, since that’s your biggest issue.

Female Libra-Great! You have survived a hard, exciting but demanding period in life. You could say that there have been some life changing events, that have made you loosen up in aspects where you were stubborn, or even bigoted. You could say there was falling in love and one night stands that you will never forget, and you could say you would be glad to erase or forget certain people or events, but in your case such a thing isn’t possible. At least until you meet your new “love”. Yeah, for you, every meeting with a man is a “love” meeting, though you know that is  not true. Now some significant news-during a financially relevant period, and that is this period  now, the Universe will be sending you a charming guy who is good with money, a section that you will be initiating contact around. The two of you will begin a game of passion and romance that will soon transfer from the energetic aspect down into the bodily. Enjoy!

Male Libra will at some point by the end of the month decide to just give it up, under the exuse that they have had enough partying, during wild and drunken nights. They will decide to be more commited to their home obligations, to their immediate family and loved ones. And that isn’t a bad idea at all. While getting Karma points, in those aspects, Mars in your first field will bring promise of victory in every occasion, as long as you know what are you fighting for. Once you are settled into your home, you will get an invitation to a charity event, that you will attend with a stomach ache. Oops! Heres a surprise. You will run into your old elementary school friend there. His aunt will be in his company, a young widow, aching for some good…conversation. You will realize that the time to see this lady is in the morning, to have some tea, while your friends brother is off at school…

Key dates: 25.11. from midnight until tomorrow night

teez recommended poses: Let all your senses enjoy, lubrication ice cream, pouring champagne