Leos are kind of nervous in this phase, since most of their plans aren’t going as fast as they have envisioned. Despite that Mars is in Libra, and the asteroids Eros and Cupid are still in the third, friendly field, and more importantly in the fifth field. You will be having some fun playtime with intriguing personalities from your immediate   surroundings. A lot is going to happen, and you will be deciding the tempo. Soon a large amount of joy will come to your home, an expansion or renovation of your house, and because of this pleasant change you will be ruling the household with more enthusiasm than in the previous months.

Female Leo, the aspect of life that is currently most interesting to you is regarding your base, your family and home. These days, the chances are you will, through business, or parental connections, find yourself with a larger sum of money to remodel or buy a house. That will make you very happy, and enable you to shine only in a way a Lioness can, and as she usually does, except for that problematic period in the second half of October. Luckily that is over with, and you can continue making your plans in all fields. Teez advice, speed is for rabbits and not the Zodiac Queen.

Male Leo,  there is a new love coming your way, no more or less, on doorstep. Dark eyed, long haired, charismatic and sexy, with a great image, will be ringing your doorbell, confused by the hieroglyphical intercom of your building. The good news is that you were about to go to your friends slava, so you are looking sharp. Of course you will cancel going to the celebration last minute because the sister of your male aunt is suddenly sick :D… And so you will find our that the lady is a designer or painting, and surprise, surprise, you are in need of some professional advice with remodeling your home.  Besides  that you are a great lover of art, painting particularly, so you will have lots of questions and conversations topic. Hold on, this might be a very potent winter season for you!

Key day 21.11. around 15h
teez recommended pose: on the floor of your choice