Dear Gemini, heres a moment where you will realize that you are doing a great job, and suddenly, with vigor and a smile like never before, you will be arriving to the workplace on time.  Colleagues will realize that something is off, due to you not being late. Our Teez recommendation is that you don tell anyone, so they have something to talk about it. Asteroid Chaos is in your first field, so you will be feeling more confused than usual, but the asteroids Cupid and Eros in your seventh field will be sending a irresistible person, though they are probably taken (same as you right?) which will ensue to be a insane adventure.

Female Gemini, under the influence of Amore in your eight field, amazing things are happening, funny interesting and inspiring. A meeting with a certain someone that you will meet through work will make you question your attitudes so far regarding love and commitment. Soon you will find yourself in a double relationship that you will be handling with no problem, because the level of passion will be though the roof and you wont be giving up on that, even if your secret new partner is someone with whom you have very little in common in other fields of life. You will feel as good as new, without the stomach problems and headaches, and some nice presents are coming your way. So, why the hell not?

Male Gemini, read the Female Gemini section, because this is a rare opportunity that your aspects are aligned as well as the planetary transits. In case your partner or the woman who has recently swooped you off your feet is also a Gemini, the situation is multiplied, just as you like it. If she is born under an Earth sign (Taurus, Vigro or Capricorn, particularly Capricorn) then this erotic passionate relationship will grow into a amusing winter relationship (that will last at least until spring) and in case she is born under a Water sign (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) you will be motivated to conquer her, and will be reminded what it means to be romantic. In the case of Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) you will be mentally stimulated, and the most intense moments of your gigolo career will happen with the women of Fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries)

Key day: 26.11. after 20h
teez recommended poses: With tongue fast twitch