Amor is still in your first field, brining new people, particularly ones that have magnetic attraction, and your personal magnetism has grown to intense amounts in this period of time. Another month and your ruler, Saturn will be entering your sign, making your more popular than ever. Use this period to be wild in every way, since form 19.12. is a period of discipline and focus needed on various fields of life.

Female Capricorn, you have been emulating the behavior o f Taurus for a while: megalomaniacs when it comes to hedonism, food, drinking, double relationships and adventures on the side. Luckily your body tolerates the overeating and drinking, so it would be good to, while you are in that mood head to some restaurants, particularly the elite kind, near children daycares or pools, because that’s the place where you will spot a beautiful man. Also there can be a chance for a surprise encounter with a gentleman that you have been admiring for afar in the past few years, since there was no realistic chance of you coming closer. The circumstances have changed, so the encounter can happen and mean the intro to a love story that stretches out for a few years, at least.

Male Capricorn, finally you will carve into your wall the deepest line, next to your bed. It will symbolize the best sex you have had in your life. It will be like this-your heart will beat like insane, and you will feel like you have taken Viagra in extreme amounts… Morning will come too soon, but you wont be going to work, you will stay in bed, turn off your cell phone, make a facebook post about being abducted by aliens, since you have just realized what is most important in life…

And it will continue to be so until 19th December…

Key day: 24.12. at midnight, the whole night and the next two days
teez recommended poses: 69