Cancer  is currently in a period where their physical state is not particularly good, and neither is your immunity. But with the presence of the asteroid Karma, Jupiter and Venus in your fifth field, an accelerated process of rejuvenation in all aspects is beginning. Soon, luck in love, of the highest level, even if you don’t recognize the person in time, the Universe will continue to send them until you realize who it is, and also what can become of that relationship.

Female Cancer, ones who are mothers, will be happy with their children in this time, and there wont be any flirting in front of the childrens daycare or school. But it will turn out theres a father of a child in the class next to yours, who is very handsome with an irresistible smile and beautiful hands. Your blood pressure will spike up, and you wont be able to contain yourself, instead you will fall for his cute and slightly naughty suggestion 🙂 You will like his way of talking, and a direct attitude that demands a similar reply. Of course this will be a problem since you are well known for being indecisive and falsely shy. But there you are, without meaning to, under the trees behind the school, at dawn, with a ground shaking orgasm.

Male Cancer, November is the month symbolized by the tom cat in your case. You are going for some betting, for a multitude of reasons, in this phase there is a large chance you meet a strong, authorative woman like you have been hoping to, your whole life. The only danger is that because of prejudice, regarding meeting women in places such as casinos you miss out on the opportunity, but luckily the planets will react by sending her back again.

Key day: 19.11. about five in the morning
teez recommended poses: half-seated attitude