Aries of the third decade is on the edge of their  nerves, but at the end of an exciting period as well. A few more months and Uranus is gone, for the length of your lifetime at least, thank God, for the most of you. Isnt it Uranus who has given you large life changing events during the past seven years,  interesting sexual partners, putting a stop to a dead end relationship, and some unexpected betting wins?

Female Aries, its time to board a plane. This will be a special flight, and judging by the planets, you are ready for it. These days destiny is sending you a person with a lucid character, faster than your fasters partner so far, an arrogant intimidating man, who will give you special treatment, including a piercing gaze, a daring smile and a particular hand maneuver that leaves no room for escape. His wish is your command and you will find yourself soon having riding lessons in a near by country. If someone has told you, you wouldn’t have believed it. Teez advice: Who has doubts, you can check this by wearing our recommended outfit, and see what happens when you visit an airport.

Male Aries, extravagant and forced, until your inner streetlight shows red, and then its heavy artillery on the poor and often uninformed victim-this time is not as good for that type of behavior, meaning you could be having consequences. So, practice a good mood, and try to refrain from inappropriate comments. You have been meddling in other peoples beds,  and this time it can come back to bite you/ It could be considered as a call for war, which is your forte, as you know. But war is not what you need now. Mars in your seventh field means this could be misinterpreted by the public, making it a huge minus, that can last up to several years. Its better to handle an old fan, who has mastered the skill of Thai massage in the meantime, and other similar massaging skills…

Teez recommended poses: missionary