Aquarius is in a good mood! Finally you have found someone who is insane and amoral and brave enough to be able to keep up with you, for a while at least. Its all happening in some other city, either you or him are on a business trip. All in all, in the coming winter nights and days, when the rest of the Zodiac is being sleepy or cold-you are having the time of your life.

Female Aquarius, your friend is coming from another city, probably a Sagittarius, and with him a fun, handsome, but not very beautiful friend. He makes up for it with charm though. He is from high circles, with a mysterious smile, erotic and up for a good time. You will be dominating the scene in a fancy club that you are attending. During the night, another friend will join you, who is looking for support regarding her own relationship disaster… Lets get to the point: You can swing, or not, but the fact that Mars has given you a man who is good with his mouth, and times two. Go wild!

Male Aquarius, do we know where is the break in the imaginative aspects to which you are levitating these days? Everything that has been happening lately is totally opposite of your character, and these days its culminating. You have always been quick to react, and quick to have an adventure, and whats happening now? Dreams, clouds… no realization in sight. Lilith in your fifth field is not giving you a break-you have met a Taurus woman, and that’s a sign you haven’t met yet, and you don’t know how to behave. It seems she is head over heels for you, but she wont be letting you have your way in most things. Shes very sensual, with dreamy eyes and a deep voice, and breasts to die for. The only way to get this done is to act quick. You will be buzzing for days.  The Taurus lady will be jumping you next time.

Key day: 25.11. from midnight until morning, and 01.12. after 22h
teez recommended poses: front of the mirror